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The fall season, a new beginning!

The fall season has started and for me as well as for many other people it always marked a new beginning. Maybe because it is the time when a new school year starts or because it is the time when the carefree summertime ends. For me it is the time when I look back on the past year and ask myself if it was successful or not. I’m wondering what the next year will bring for me. I’m wishing for changes, a new job, a new challenge.

Here in Berlin the fall season brings a lot of rain and changing temperature along with colorful leaves and a melancholic atmosphere. This season is just perfect for romantic walks or cosy afternoons at home while the rain is dripping and the wind is whistling outside. I love the location of my flat in Berlin-Wedding because it is surrounded by so many parks and green areas. I made some photographs of my green neighborhood and I want to share them with you to show you what is inspiring me here during the fall season. So take a walk with me through my neighborhood and while you are doing this you can ask yourself what your new year is supposed to bring for you and what your wishes are!

The Brave Cook

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14 thoughts on “The fall season, a new beginning!

  1. Nice pictures…Here we don’t have leaves falling ….but we do have red/orange sunsets;)

  2. petit4chocolatier on said:

    Beautiful pictures of fall colours!

  3. Beautiful pictures!, My favorite time of the year.

  4. Looks like eastern Canada!

  5. Beautiful pics! Love the idea of fall being the time for new beginnings…

  6. What a lovely virtual walk I was able to take in this glorious autumn splendor!

  7. mbfitzmahan on said:

    Beautiful blog and entry. Lovely photos. I love Berlin!

  8. I am in absolute awe of the beauty of a real Autumn! Something lacking in sub tropical Australia. I did see a smattering of it in the early winter when I visited Berlin last November. It is so beautiful and yes: Inspiring. I look forward to more photography posted here from your part of the world. Thanks ever so much for posting.

  9. Healthy Glow Nutrition on said:

    Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! It is fall here in Canada as well and the colors are truly incredible!

  10. LOVE the photos!!!

  11. Your photographs are so beautiful. I lived very briefly in the Kreuzberg neighborhood with a German woman just before the Wall came down. Berlin is an awesome city. Love the kneipe tradition.

  12. Autumn is my absolute favorite season and you have captured it beautifully! You choices are wonderful; the pictures are inspiring.Thank you so much for contacting me so that I may see these.

  13. Wow. These are absolutely beautiful photos. I loved being in Germany around this time of year to see a proper fall. Over here in Australia we practically have one season year round with a small temperature change.

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